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This page will answer most of questions put by our customers. If there is a question unanswered here or if you have some kind of doubt feel free to contact us at: support@hyperpenis.com. We will be glad to give you the help you need!

•  What is the maximum growth in cm that I can obtain?

It depends on the individual. Most users have obtained a medium growth of 4 cm.

•  What is the minimum growth that I can obtain?

The minimum growth is of 1.5 cm but the average growth is of 3 cm based on 95% of users.

•  Does the penis grow in flaccidity as well as in erection?

Yes, of course. You will notice the growth in flaccidity and especially in erection!

•  Will the product correct deviations or curvatures?

Yes, of course. After a 6-8 months of usage an improvement of about 70% will be obvious.

•  Will the increment make the penis thinner?

No, the growth is proportional throughout the penis. As the penis grows in length the new formed tissue will occupy more space so you will also gain girth.

•  Will the glans grow too?

No, only the penile shaft. The glans' sensitivity will not be affected.

•  Are the results permanent?

Yes, because new tissue has grown.

•  When can I begin the treatment?

You can begin the treatment after the age of 18. There have been very good results even at 60 or 70. There is no age limit!

•  Is there any pain?

No. It is a painless mechanical device. When first using it you might experience its presence but in time you will get used to it.

•  Should I remove it when urinating or defecating?

Yes and afterwards put it back.

•  Is it visible under trousers?

No if you wear loose trousers.

•  What will happen if I have an erection while using the product?

Nothing will happen. You will feel a little pressure and it's painless.

•  Can I use the extender during night?

We do not recommend that you use the device during night at least during the first days of usage. You should not use it during night because the product might be dislocated owing to movements or nightly erections.

•  Must the product be oiled or greased?

At first no but in time we recommend small amounts of oil on the bars to slide it up and down easily.

•  Will the device rust? Should I wash it?

No it will not rust. The European union Certificate guarantees. You can wash it with mild soap and water.

•  Are there any risks or side effects?

No. Just follow the instructions of the manual.

•  Will the extender have any influence on sexual life?

Of course it will influence your sexual life. A bigger penis means more pleasure for you and your partner! No impotence whatsoever!

•  If I am diabetic can I take this treatment?

Yes, under strict medical supervision and proper hygiene of the penis.

•  If I have any cardiovascular problems can I have the treatment?

Yes, there is no risk involved.

•  If I have varicose or prostates, can I do the treatment?

Yes but we advice medical consultation.

•  If I have sexually transmitted disease can I use the treatment?

Yes but cure the disease first.

•  Is the device a registered trademark and officially recognized?

Yes it is a registered trademark and internationally recognized.

•  Are there many people who have used the product?

Yes, a lot men all over the world have used the product and their lives have changed for the better. It has been successfully used since 1994.

•  Is it confidential?

Yes it is absolutely confidential. Your information is protected according to the information rights protection laws.

•  Are the instructions easy to use?

Yes, the instructions are clearly written and easy to follow.

•  If any doubt or questions can I contact you?

Of course, you can contact us by e-mail or by telephone.

•  Are there other effective methods for penis enlargement?

The only safe and effective method is the extender.

The exercises for the muscles of the penis don't actually help. You can't exercise the muscles of the penis since the penis is not made of muscles but of veins that through congestion and vasodilatation generate erection. You can't achieve enlargement this way.

Pills aren't effective for penis increment. They can only increase the level of testosterone in the body. But this can affect the liver and the prostate.

Vacuum pumps produce a strong suction force in the penis and the effect is a sudden and strong vasodilatation, generating erection and producing a slight penis enlargement. After an hour the enlargement vanishes so the result is not permanent. There are some secondary effects too, since the blood congestion can break the blood capillaries, produce bruises, deform the penis or impotence.

The only safe method is the extender!

•  Is it true that using penis enlargement device improves erection?

Yes, because the penis grows in length too thus a new vasodilatation improves the blood flow and the erection.

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